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Today, Stars & Letters is excited to release Afterthoughts, the debut EP by Brooklyn’s We Are Temporary. Exploring the space between darkwave, goth, and dream pop, Afterthoughts oscillates between musical violence and frailty, lyrical defensiveness and vitriol, bursts of optimism and crushing nihilism.

✝ → Download the entire EP for free from Bandcamp
✝ → Stream the EP on SoundCloud

“Haunting, mesmerizing, magical… the result is simply overwhelming.”
Against the Odds

“Lyrics like old love notes… smeared like tears on running eye-liner”
Impose Magazine

“One of the most real artists you will ever have the pleasure to experience”
Floorshime Blog

“Stark electronica with a very vulnerable human heart”

“An incredible release that everyone should check out”

“Simultaneously brutal and brittle; lyrics scathe like steelo over jagged synths and rhythms”
Cheese On Toast

“A sense of epic, but touching greatness”
Deer Du Bois

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