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Bad Blocks 

Bad Blocks push, file, and rewrite accessible electronic music with the study of an anthropologist and the soul of TS Eliot. Dancing, distracted, half awake. Sort it out.

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Black City Lights 

With dark voices, neon beats, and ghostly electronics, Black City Lights combine traditional lyric-based songwriting with sleek, chrome plated electronic structures.

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Empathy Test

Remarkably unafraid to be pop music, Empathy Test create mesmerising and immaculate synth pop, comprised of sensual, enigmatic vocals and dreamy, haunting synths—all coated in soft, irresistible melancholy.

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An artist of quiet exuberance, GPSYMTH (“Gypsy Moth”) is a narrative of traveling, of dreams, and of the urgency to follow paths through the woods before they vanish into the dark.

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Misfit Mod

With icy electronic beats, wet synths, and a hypnotic voice, Misfit Mod radiates a technicolor fantasy full of understated strength and late-night whispers.

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Ruane Maurice

Ruane Maurice are a young and visionary electronic UK hip-hop band, mixing early-90s slow jam melodies with the sonic adventurism of musique concrète and the sultry darkness of early industrial bands.

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Shocking Pinks 

“An artist who knows as much about loneliness as he does noisy pop classics… His heartache, our pleasure” — Pitchfork

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We Are Temporary 

Blending darkwave, EDM, and electronic post-rock, We Are Temporary oscillates between musical violence and frailty, lyrical defensiveness and vitriol, bursts of optimism and crushing nihilism.

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