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With lush soundscapes and haunting melodies, GPSYMTH (pronounced gypsy moth) represents a radical departure for 20-year-old Peter Quinn. Already a veteran of the Connecticut hardcore scene, Quinn spent his high school years playing in punk bands and frequenting shows with his older brother. Even as Quinn’s musical interests broadened, he continued being drawn to the complex dissonance of hardcore, but it wasn’t long before he started experimenting and transforming it into something more beautiful, nuanced, and expansive.

Soon after graduation and a short flirtation with St. John’s film program in Queens, Quinn moved to Boston, enrolling in Emerson College’s Sound Design program, and almost immediately began work on Ripostes. Returning home during semester breaks, Quinn discovered a newfound appreciation for the country where he grew up—and this sense of finding isolation and consolation in nature now comprises the very cells of his music. From Alfred Hitchcock’s purity of vision to the imagist poetry of Ezra Pound and WC Williams, Ripostes is an alchemy of abstraction and clarity, escapism and imagism, and ultimately the result of many long hikes through the forests and hills of New England.

An artist of quiet exuberance, GPSYMTH is a narrative of traveling, of dreams, and of the urgency to follow paths through the woods before they vanish into the dark. Initially self-released in early 2012, a completely re-mixed and re-imagined version of Ripostes was released on October 30th, 2012, through Brooklyn label, Stars & Letters.

When not making music, Quinn stays close to his family: his mother, father, two older brothers, and their mini horse named Cicero.

Watch the video “From Blue To Black”

Press Quotes

“Some of the most exuberant and colourful electronic music you’re likely to find”Listen Before You Buy

“Sounds that switch a light on somewhere in the cavernous furnace of the soul”Impose Magazine

“Quinn’s talent and sounds are haunting… This album is a true work of art”In Your Speakers

“Beautiful airy dreampop… heavenly… stunning weightless vocals.”Hearing Gold

“To realize why he’s already caught the attention of the blogosphere, hear for yourself”Hear No Disco

“Deliriously otherworldly”A New Band a Day

“Like a moth to a flame, we’re captivated”Witness This

“Drifting and throbbing with quiet magic”Fokkawolf

“Ripostes is packed full of tunes that shimmer and sparkle like gems in moonlight”Decoder Magazine


GPSYMTH Ripostes (album cover)

GPSYMTH – Ripostes

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