Shocking Pinks “Guilt Mirrors” Out Now

Digital Trilogy out NOW

iTunes download of full 33-track Guilt Mirrors trilogy and PDF artwork booklet.

Pre-order the 12″ Vinyl

Lmtd. edition 12″ color vinyl (hot pink) featuring 11 tracks from “Guilt Mirrors”, incl. MP3s of full 33-track trilogy. Ships on or before April 15.

New Releases

Bad Blocks – Weekday EP
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Shocking Pinks – Guilt Mirrors
⥥  Digital: Bandcamp | iTunes | Spotify
⦿  Vinyl Pre-order: Bandcamp | Insound

Black City Lights – Another Life
⥥  Bandcamp | iTunes | Spotify

We Are Temporary – Afterthoughts
⥥  Bandcamp | iTunes | Spotify

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