Shocking Pinks interviewed on National Radio New Zealand

Ever wondered what’s up with all the drone and noise tracks on the new Shocking Pinks “Guilt Mirrors” trilogy? In his recent interview with National Radio, Nick Harte talks a lot about why Guilt Mirrors is the way it is, and why the more experimental cuts matter to him so much: (Many thanks to […]

Under The Radar gives Shocking Pinks a 9 out of 10

Nicholas Walsh from gives the new Shocking Pinks triple album a 9 out of 10! “Guilt Mirrors is a demanding and at times deeply unsettling listen that could be considered commercial suicide in a media landscape where the single is king. Self indulgent? Certainly, but Guilt Mirrors is also Harte’s masterpiece and an early […]

Witness This features Shocking Pinks

A superb review on the new Shocking Pinks record “Guilt Mirrors” courtesy of our buddies over at Witness This: “A genre bridging album that breaks any confines of stereotypical low-fi. Tracks like What’s Up With That Girl channel a sort of melancholy Crystal Castles while creating it’s own minimal punk driven soundscape. St. Louis features […]

Canada’s Exclaim! gives Shocking Pinks 8 out of 10

Vincent Pollard reviews the new Shocking Pinks record Guilt Mirrors for Canada’s Exclaim! and gives it 8 out 10 points. Read the full Exclaim! review here. “Musically, Guilt Mirrors is all over the map in the best possible way. The familiar Shocking Pinks lo-fi indie sound is present, but Guilt Mirrors is way more electronic […]
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