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Shocking Pinks was just featured in IMPOSE Magazine’s “Week In Pop” column. In it Sjimon Gompers sums up his thoughts on Guilt Mirrors with this jewel of a paragraph:

Guilt Mirrors is a deeply complicated and personal album that is not for everyone, and yet at the same time everyone that loves music needs to hear what this type of creative immersion can produce. Surely Guilt Mirrors will already go down as one of the best albums released in the first quarter of 2014, but what is important still is that it needs to be recognized years after to even begin to be entirely comprehended or understood in full.”

In addition to the superb write-up on Guilt Mirrors, there’s a really cool interview with Nick Harte, in which—amongst other things—Nick recounts some fond and colorful memories of Jerry Fuchs:

“I had the great honor of touring Australia with Jerry not long before his passing, and he was just so incredible when drumming live with The Juan MacLean. Very machine-like, but soulful as hell. I recall him asking for something like 20 towels on the band’s rider—that always made me chuckle.”

Read the entire IMPOSE feature on Shocking Pinks here and get the scoop on this week’s music news.

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