More press for We Are Temporary & Misfit Mod collab “Machine Love”

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Huge thanks to Brooklyn Vegan, Under The Radar, IMPOSE, Gold Flake Paint, Cheese On Toast, Rip It Up, Skope Magazine, Fragile or Possibly Extinct, Floorshime Zipper Boots, Wonky Sensitive, Human Pleasure Radio, and Earnest Sewn for picking up the new We Are Temporary & Misfit Mod single “Machine Love”!

Machine Love is stunning; a weighty track, throbbing with sultry passion, offering up a host of inventive blasts of dense instrumentation before suddenly feeling as light as a breeze.” — Gold Flake Paint

“Dark-wave glory replete with what sounds like an awesome appropriation of Rhianna’s ‘aye-aye-aye’ from Umbrella” — Cheese On Toast

“Otherworldly and downright gritty” — Under The Radar (US)

“The production from Roberts brings all the anxieties and sensations of the temporal to spin around Sarah’s vocals that gradually become more mechanized by effects as the song progresses in the motorized labors of love that mix humanity and mentality of machines.” — Week In Pop, IMPOSE

“If this track is any indication, the album is going to be a killer. Wet your appetite.” — Floorshime Zipper Boots

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