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We Are Temporary featured in Impose Magazine

Impose Magazine features the new We Are Temporary single ‘Satellites’ in Sjimon Gompers’s Week in Pop column and talks to Mark about how he turned some of his life’s rough patches into a new forms of electronic catharsis.

“Ever since I was a kid, when I get really angry—I mean really beyond frustrated—I definitely need a catharsis moment. It used to be punching walls and breaking tennis racquets—now, it’s music. Whether it’s moments of true desperation, sadness, or exhilaration, I find that music provides one of the best ways of breaking things down, as it were. Electronic music is especially well suited for this, because of the immediacy of it. I can throw up the bones and the urgency of a song in an hour. I also feel like electronic music is more suited to contrasts, which is where the best catharsis comes from: cold and calculating synths slam up against aggressive drum beats or emotional vocals. The push-and-pull nature of the genre is the perfect vehicle for someone like me who often feels torn between extreme polarities.”

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